Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Job Search Cycle

Nothing is more frustrating than having to depend on someone else's timetable.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what job seekers are doing when they begin the process.  Whether it is setting up time to meet with networking contacts or submitting job applications or setting up interview times, job seekers have to adjust to working with these individuals and be open to accommodating them.  If job seekers had it their way, they would set up the schedules at their own convenience and create a job search and application cycle that is convenient for them.  It's not the case though, and that is the reality of the situation.

Now I would like to propose something that may help to lessen the frustration.  First, remember that networking resources are giving of themselves to the job seekers benefit.  I would always suggest that networking should have be a mutual give and take, so think about what you can contribute to the relationship.  But, it will still be necessary to acknowledge that you have asked them to help out and it has to be on their schedule.  I would propose something similar with the job application cycle.  Here are some great opportunities for job seekers to match their background, skills and experiences.  These opportunities are being offered to the job seeker and not the other way around and you are not the only applicant being considered.  So once again, the time frame is set by the one hiring and we need to be compliant with the prospective employer.

A couple of reminders:  First the application cycle is around eight weeks from the time the job is posted until a hire is made. Some research suggests that the earlier you enter the cycle the higher the likelihood of getting an interview.  This should not discourage someone from applying well after the posting date.  Too many jobs have initial applicant pools that are poor, or interviews that do not pan out.  Putting your hat in the ring does not really cost anything.  Secondly stay positive and appreciate the opportunities for what they are. Good things come to those that wait.

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