Thursday, September 12, 2013

Nifty not Shifty

I was introduced formally to CareerShift by my former boss and the Director of Career Services at USM, where I earned my graduate degrees.  CareerShift is impressive.  To get access to CareerShift one needs to contact their alma mater's career office to find out if they provide the service.  If they don't I would recommend asking for it because it's well worth it.

CareerShift bills itself as a "job hunting and career management solution" and it lives up to the bill.  After creating a profile the system will begin to provide the user with possible job leads.  These job leads tend to be early in the job search cycle so if the user is paying attention it's possible to be early in the application process - usually a good thing.

If a user is applying to jobs in several different functional areas or industries the system allows the creation of multiple marketing campaigns.  This allows the user to tailor the search for a specific function or industry which makes for a much more effective application.  

I have not used the contact linking service as much as I probably should but the system assists users to find a person or persons to become a contact with the recruiting organization.  I also have not used the integrated calendar much but it looks very useful in helping to plan and coordinate recruitment activities.  This would be very useful to someone who needs to develop a structured and task oriented approach and wants to devise a to-do calendar for applications, follow-ups and scheduling.

CareerShift is a very useful and interesting tool.  I hope that they will continue to add functionality to it as they go forward.

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