Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dropping Everything

Some people are gracious. I made a contact with someone who owns a small business based in San Antonio but whose clients range from small to large companies nationwide.  She has a unique perspective because her primary focus is on educating organizations and groups within organizations.  She also was a start-up and has been through all of the stages of development to finally, a very successful business model.

I contacted her and she was going out of town for an extended time but was able to see me that day.  I was able to make that work and we had about an hour long conversation about some of the career goals and possibly start-up ideas that I have.  As I said, her taking time from her busy schedule, just dropping things and meeting with me was very gracious and I appreciated it.

More than the time her ideas and feedback were invaluable.  From reminding me of a business model we were both familiar with that failed to providing thoughts on where I might go to "mine" potential clients she was very helpful.  Her flexibility was important and my willingness to drop everything to take advantage of the opportunity was key.

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