Friday, May 17, 2013

First Networking Contact

I had a meeting this morning with a recruiter from a large and fast-growing company in San Antonio. I had met this individual several times and he impressed me with his energy and professionalism.  He's actually rather new to this particular organization but has a lot of recruiting experience.

We talked about some of his observations of recruitment as a field. He also asked me what my plans were and my response was that I am exploring different options at this point. Some things I mentioned were:
  • Transitioning to the corporate sector as a recruiter
  • Exploring opportunities in corporate training
  • Going out on my own in career coaching
He had positive feedback for all of those areas.  He also suggested that I look into working with interns or internship coordination in some way.  I liked that idea as well.  I appreciate the generosity and his willingness to take the time to meet with me and provide feedback.   I will be sending him a follow-up note shortly.

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