Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You Can Bank On It

One of my contacts works for a commercial bank here in San Antonio.  We met for lunch today.  The first thing I learned was that I should double check the location, because I went to the wrong restaurant.  Luckily the actual location was only a few minutes away and I did not disrupt his day by being really late.  I think when you network you just have to be congnizant of the time you are taking up from your contact, who is not making any money while talking with you.

His perspective was great.  First of all he's a parent so talking with him about some of his concerns about career planning and what he might expect of someone working with his daughter was helpful.  He definitely wanted to make sure that she would come away from the meeting with options.  He was not particularly locked-in to her having a final answer but that she would have a general direction to go in.  That was good feedback because once concern I have is about unrealistic expectations on the part of clients and their families.

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