Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What's in a Job Title

I am exploring a possible transition to the corporate world so I had lunch today with a colleague and friend who made that transition.  She was quite helpful in pointing out some areas to be aware of.  One of them was that some of my interest areas, recruitment, training, and internships might not have a job title specifically with any of those things in them. Often they are HR titles that have those responsibilities as part of the job.  It's important to have your nomenclature down -  what do organizations call someone who does the job you are interested in?  A classic example is that geologist is rarely in the job title for geologists so persons searching for those jobs need to be aware of what the job titles are.

So my task is partly to research not only where these opportunities are but what they're called.  Related to that, in planning a small business what names could work for the business.

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